How to Make your City, State, and The Federal Government Your Customer

Does the city, state or federal government know you have a product or service to offer?

Did you know that local and federal government source Billions of Dollars in "Set Aside Contracts" for SMALL BUSINESSES like yours every year?

Contracts can range from 5K to 100 million dollars.

Have you ever wondered...

  • "I want to get into government contracting, but I don't know how."
  • "Government contracting seems out of reach for me and my small business."
  • "I don't think my small business is ready to do government contracting."

Think about what happens when you go into a contract with a customer in the community.

Think about the steps:

  1. a potential customer calls or e-mails you
  2. they tell you what they need or want
  3. you give them an estimate or price for your service or product
  4. a contract is signed

What happens when you get into a local or federal government contract?

  • Local and federal governments have  database systems and protocol for soliciting small businesses for products and services
  • They solicit goods and services from the local and national small businesses in their communities
  • NOTE: the government doesn't use Google or Yelp to find companies to do business with, so your business must be in the government databases to even be considered!

Therefore, you have to think of the government as your customer, just like your customers in your community.

After the course, you'll:

  • know what you'll need to register your business for government contracts

  • be able to register your business with your local city, state or the federal government

  • have tools to start bidding on government contracts

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Aiesha Singleton

Love the step by step approach made it easier knowing exactly what to do when bidding

Love the step by step approach made it easier knowing exactly what to do when bidding

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About your Instructor

Sarah Simpson (President/CEO)

I'm a passionate small business owner dedicated to helping businesses grow through my strategic educational courses. I'm from Phoenix, and I'm the proud daughter of a carpenter who turned his passion for building into a business. For years, my father has been passing down what he's learned to me, and I want to pass that knowledge and expertise on to your to help you do business with the local and federal government. 

Use my experience, avoid costly mistakes and let me help you grow and elevate your small business from survival mode to success in winning city, state and federal contracts.

And no, you don't have to be in construction to qualify for these contracts - you may be surprised to learn what the government needs!