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  • If all your answers to these questions were NO, first I recommend you take my first course How To Make Your City, State and the Federal Government Your Customer! CLICK HERE to register for my introductory course, 'Government Contracting 101'
  • If all of your answers to these questions were YES, then sign up for this course on How to Market To Your Local City, State and Federal Government with your Capability Statement.
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After the course, you'll know:

  • what a Capability Statement is and why it's crucial to have one

  • everything you need to include on your Capability Statement

  • when and how to use your Capability Statement to be more equipped to bid on government contracts

  • how to create your own Capability Statement

Course curriculum

About your Instructor

Sarah Simpson (President/CEO)

I'm a passionate small business owner dedicated to helping businesses grow through my strategic educational courses. I'm from Phoenix, and I'm the proud daughter of a carpenter who turned his passion for building into a business. For years, my father has been passing down what he's learned to me, and I want to pass that knowledge and expertise on to your to help you do business with the local and federal government. 

Use my experience, avoid costly mistakes and let me help you grow and elevate your small business from survival mode to success in winning city, state and federal contracts.

And no, you don't have to be in construction to qualify for these contracts - you may be surprised to learn what the government needs!